Celebration Box x 6 Bottles

Our Celebration Box makes the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast. With a carefully selected range of our finest wines, we cater for all palates. The Celebration Box is also discounted saving £1 per bottle.The Celebration Box includes:

2 bottles of White Priory Dry
Smooth, dry and delicately refreshing wine. Reichensteiner grapes are light-flavoured and neutral with soft aromas. Ideal served with fish, spicy food as well as cheese.
Grape variety: Reichensteiner – 3rd most widely planted grape in England

1 bottle of Palace Red
Palace Red Dunkelfelder is a dark-skinned variety of grape producing a distinct rich dark concentrated must (juice). Blended with Regent and Rondo produces a palatable deep red wine with blackberry overtones and long lived in the mouth. Our most popular wine. Serve with red meats, cheeses or cured meats.
Grape variety: Regent, Rondo and Dunkelfelder – Regent is a high-quality grape that survives well in cold climates

1 bottle of Bishop’s Blush
Rondo grapes traditionally produce ruby-red wine which in this case has been pressed to produce a robust rosé/light red wine, with unique flavours of berries and a hint of liquorish. Great with pizza, pasta or foods with Italian flavours.
Grape variety: – Rondo a dark-skinned grape widely used in red winemaking

1 bottle of Sparkling White
A soft fruity sparkling wine made using traditional sparkling-wine methods. Rich citrus and apple flavours with a clear dry finish. A refreshing sparkling wine which is great to serve at celebrations – or with fresh strawberries seasonal strawberries
Grape variety: Auxerrois – A full sibling of the Chardonnay grape

1 bottle of Sparkling Rose
Our Sparkling Rosé has more body, a slightly heavier mouthfeel and is fruitier than our sparkling white wine. It has floral hints with a soft peach blush to the eye. Enhancing most foods without overwhelming their flavours, sparkling rosé can be served at celebrations as a stand-alone drink, with simple fish dishes, summer desserts or as an aperitif.
Grape variety: Pinot Noir Précoce and Auxerrois

There are only limited numbers of Celebration Boxes available so purchase now to avoid disappointment.