A stylish, contemporary vineyard enriched with many hundreds of years of history.

There’s an Old Walls experience to suit every taste.

At Old walls vineyard, we undertake tours of the vineyard and winery for individuals or groups. Tours maybe requested in advance by contacting us. This fantastic experience is a unique opportunity to discover how a working vineyard and winery operate. You will find about the entire wine making process with your vineyard and winery tour, from planting to bottling the finished products. You’ll then be able to try a wonderful selection of refreshing wines with a fun and informative tasting session, and this fun and fascinating day out. Half way through the first part of the tour there is an opportunity to take a stroll around the vines, although it is not recommended for persons with limited mobility. However, the remainder of the site has been designed with disability access including the tearoom and winery. 

Modern Winery’s are places of cleanliness and stainless steel. On the tour you will see the processes and equipment for yourself.You may wish to end your tour by sampling some of our wines, or a refreshing beverage and a snack in our Tea Rooms. 

The process of making wine starts in the vineyard when the ripe grapes are picked during October. They are then transferred to our Winery where the process of turning the grapes into wine begins. Whatever the colour or variety of grapes being used, the initial process is the same when the grapes enter the Winery. They are first placed into the ‘de-stalker’ which, as the name suggests, removes the stalks and any other items accidentally collected during picking. It also mashes the grapes in readiness for the next process, which is where red and white wine making differ.