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Welcome to the Old Walls website. You will be able to find out more about Old Walls, our wines and how you can visit us.
Alternatively, you can discover how we make our wines, and read about wine making in the 21st century.
Our Winery shop and cafe is open for you to purchase our wines and meet up with friends over a lunch or afternoon tea.

We have ample on site parking and wheelchair access.

We all look forward to seeing you.


There was evidence of a vineyard on the site over 2000 years ago. The Romans took advantage of the south facing slopes and well-drained soil, as we are doing once more.

The name 'Old Walls' has been adopted from its proximity to another place of historical interest, The 'Bishops Palace'. Walter Bronsecombe, a native of Exeter, took over as bishop in 1258, displaying an integrity of character and attention to ecclesiastical duties. He secured a market and fair for Bishopsteignton in 1270, and during the following decade instigated the construction of the Bishop's Palace, the inspiration of the naming of Old Walls Vineyard. All that is left of the 13th century building are some small sections of wall which Ken has taken great interest in helping to restore and keep this Ancient Monument on display for future generations. When you visit us why not take time to see this fascinating insight into Devon's past. The vineyard also has a lovely Tea Room with a covered outside eating area overlooking the spectacular countryside.


Great present for the Wine connoisseur. Why not give a tour of the Vineyard and Winery (individuals or groups). Tours may be requested in advance by contacting us, these will be subject to weather conditions on the day.

Due to the steepness and uneven terrain of the Vineyard this section of the tour is not recommended for persons with limited mobility. However, the remainder of our site has been designed with disability access including the Tea Rooms, Shop and Winery.

Modern Winery's are places of cleanliness and stainless steel. On the tour you will see the processes and equipment for yourself.You may wish to end your tour by sampling some of our wines, or a refreshing beverage and a snack in our Tea Rooms.

The process of making wine starts in the vineyard when the ripe grapes are picked during October. They are then transferred to our Winery where the process of turning the grapes into wine begins. Whatever the colour or variety of grapes being used, the initial process is the same when the grapes enter the Winery. They are first placed into the ‘de-stalker’ which, as the name suggests, removes the stalks and any other items accidentally collected during picking. It also mashes the grapes in readiness for the next process, which is where red and white wine making differ.

White and Rosé Wines
Upon completion of de-stalking and mashing, the mixture is placed into a press to begin the juice extraction. Gone are the days of many people stamping their feet in a large tray full of grapes, juice is extracted under hygienic conditions using stainless steel and pneumatic. The press extracts as much juice and flavour from the grapes and a reading is taken to confirm the sugar content of the pressing. The ‘Wine Standards Board’ lays down strict regulations on sugar content of the wine and the resulting alcohol content, which at Old Walls is 11.5% for our white wines. The juice is then pumped into one of our large tanks to begin its transformation into beautiful Old Walls wine.

Red Wine
Making Old Walls Red is a completely different process. After the de-stalking and mashing, the resulting juice, skins and pips are all transferred to one of our large tanks. A twice daily process is now required of ‘knocking back’ the fermenting mixture called a ‘Must’ to ensure maximum taste and colour. After ten days the liquid is drained and the remaining mixture of skins and pips are pressed to extract as much of the fermenting flavour as possible. This is then added to the initial liquid and further fermentation takes place. Only at this stage do we take a sugar reading similar to the ‘white’ to calculate an alcohol content of 12%.

Red, White & Rose Wine Fermentation
The process of fermentation takes approximately three weeks and in early December the young wines are transferred once more to remove any sediment that is naturally created by fermentation. This process is called ‘Racking’, after which the wine is left until February when once more it is ‘Racked’ and checked for quality. In March ‘Finning’ of the wine is undertaken, which removes the very fine particles. Without this process the wine would appear cloudy in the bottle and unappealing to the drinker. Finally in April, a full seven months after the grapes were picked the wine is bottled, labelled and laid down in our cellars before being offered for sale.

Sparkling Wine – The Ultimate Wine Making Art
To make our Old Walls sparkling wine we start from the fermented white wine and re-ferment with the addition of champagne yeast and sugar. The alcohol content of the finished sparkling wine is 12% and again strict rules are laid down to ensure that this target is met. The young sparkling wine is bottled with temporary caps and placed upside down into racks called ‘Remuage’ or ‘Riddling Racks’. Traditionally made of Oak these racks accommodate the neck of the bottle allowing the ‘Riddler’ to turn the bottle each day to ensure any sediment being formed makes its way into the neck. ‘Riddling’ is an age old tradition of ensuring Sparkling wines and Champagnes are sediment free and is only now being mechanically surpassed by the unromantic sounding ‘Gyropalette’.

Nine months later the secondary fermentation is completed and the tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide produced during this process have now been dissolved into the wine. This gives you the unmistakable ‘fizz’ and bubbles, making sparkling wines and Champagnes so exciting.

Finally, the bottle necks are frozen at minus 30°c and the caps of the bottles removed. The high pressure inside the bottle sends the frozen plug, containing the sediment, speeding out and therefore cleaning the neck. More wine is used to top-up what has been lost before finally applying the cork, wire cage and foil cap. The bottles are once again laid down for a further period before being labelled and sold.

Tea Room & Winery Shop

The Old Walls Tea Rooms and Shop makes the ideal place to meet up with friends. The Tea Rooms offers a glass of our wine, morning coffee and homemade cakes, a light lunch, cream tea or an afternoon tea for two. We aim to use fresh local ingredients wherever possible and our lunches are made fresh to order.

LUNCH SERVED UNTIL 15.45PM, Hot food served upto 3pm Cakes and Drinks available until closing.

Savour the relaxing atmosphere of the Vineyard Tea Rooms with its comfortable interior and relaxing exterior decked terrace, with superb views across the valley to Teignmouth.

The Tea Rooms also hosts the Winery shop where you can buy your Old Walls wine to drink in, or take away. Alternatively, why not order by phone with confidence and have it delivered directly to your door.

Booking your 'Buy a Gift' or Gift Experience Tour

At Old walls vineyard, we undertake tours of the vineyard and winery for individuals or groups. Tours maybe requested in advance by contacting us. This fantastic experience is a unique opportunity to discover how a working vineyard and winery operate. You will find about the entire wine making process with your vineyard and winery tour, from planting to bottling the finished products. You’ll then be able to try a wonderful selection of refreshing wines with a fun and informative tasting session, and this fun and fascinating day out. Half way through the first part of the tour there is an opportunity to take a stroll around the vines, although it is not recommended for persons with limited mobility. However, the remainder of the site has been designed with disability access including the tearoom and winery.

We have two vouchers available:

GOLD EXPERIENCE you are entitled to Tea or coffee on arrival, guided vineyard and winery tour, afternoon tea or ploughman’s followed by a cream tea and a bottle of still wine of your choice to take away with you. This voucher is £50.00 per couple.

SILVER EXPERIENCE you are entitled to tea or coffee on arrival, guided vineyard and winery tour. This voucher is £20.00 per couple

To book a tour please call 01626-770877, 7 days a weeks 9am - 5pm. Or you can email us anytime HERE, advanced booking is essential to avoid disappointment. We conduct two tours a week between Thursday and Saturday.

We ask you to arrive at 10am on the day of your tour and please bring your voucher with you on the day and come prepared for all weathers. If your voucher includes lunch please advise us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.


A gift with a difference

The Old Walls vine rental experience is a gift with a difference that allows you to learn more about wine making and includes as much hands on involvement as you want. You can choose the wines depending if the recipient prefers red, white or rose wines.

The recipient will receive a map, details of there vine type and its location, newsletter and of the course the wine that was made from their vines following the harvest.

The vine rental experience is for one complete tenure period and the amount of wine will depend on the season and how many vines were included in the package they were given.

Vine rental owners are encouraged to visit Old walls during there tenure period and are also welcome to attend the seasons picking to harvest there own grapes, although we would ask them to give prior notice.

The wine will be produced, bottled and labelled on site by our wine making professionals, subsequently this can then be collected in person or dispatched to the owners if required. (Postage within the UK only)

Package One
2 vines (approximate yield = 5 Bottles) £49.95 plus £10.00 P&P

Package Two
4 Vines (approximate yield = 10 bottles) £99.00 plus £17.50 P&P

Package three
16 vines (approximate yield = 40 bottles) £399.00 plus £25.00 P&P

Old Walls Lodges

Holiday Lodges in Devon

Our lodges are light and airy and can accommodate upto four people, with a bright open plan lounge/ kitchen/ diner, two bedrooms - a double and a twin, a family bathroom. All of this in the beautiful Devon countryside. For more information and rates please contact us here.

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